Commercial Data Corporation (CDC) has been a provider of MLM/Network Marketing support services since 1973. Our services include software development, implementation and management of compensation plans to meet our client's specifications. Since 1973, CDC has implemented many versions of unilevel, matrix, binary, breakaway and other plans.

Our Web-based products provide 24/7 access to our systems via internet for distributors, customers and client administrative personnel to enroll distributors and customers, place orders, view and print genealogies and inquire into client designated information.

Internet enrollment is live to our database and after all pertinent information is entered, the system validates the input, registers the new distributor or customer and hands back the new ID number. At that point, the new member is active in the system, is available to enroll others and to appear on the sponsor's genealogy.

Orders can be entered, validated, payments settled, picking tickets printed in a warehouse worldwide and be available in sales figures upon entry.

Request pages by distributors can be handled 24/7 for genealogies, sales and other information to assist in distributor downline management.


CDC-TPA is a Health Reimbursement Arragement (HRA), and is pursuant to Section 105 and 106 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. HRAs allow employers to set aside a specific amount annually for employees to use to pay for health care expenses, as defined by the Plan. All employer contributions to the plan are deductible for the employer and are tax-free to the employee. As an added benefit, any funds left over at the end of the Plan Year may be rolled in to the following year. This allows employees to prepare for higher-than-expected medical expenses. The carry-over feature may be added to the Plan at the employer’s discretion.


CDC Fulfillment Services supports clients that sell consumer or business products direct and want a partner to ship individual orders from a central U.S. location such as Memphis , Tennessee. The bulk storage that CDC provides is in support of its fulfillment operations. In addition to individual order fulfillment, our specialty is autoship and automatic orders pre-determined with the distributor or customer. Our pick, pack and ship operation employs the use of the latest computer technology and warehouse automation utilizing CDC developed check weighing that is used to achieve 99.6% order accuracy.

Services Include:
Application Implementation Services
Application Management Services
Applications Development Services
Applications Modernization Services
Applications Outsourcing Services

We pick, pack, and ship your product worldwide from our warehouse facility centrally located in the United States in Memphis, Tennessee. All major express carriers are in use as well as over 200 trucking firms.

Overnight delivery from Fed Ex and UPS hubs in Memphis with pick up by carriers as late as 11:00 p.m. and delivery as early as 8:30 a.m. next morning.


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